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We set reasonable rates on hunts and lodging.


We have a set size restriction of a minimum 13" inside spread. There is a fee of $100.00 an inch as penalty. 



We provide hunting sites that are as diverse as the hunters themselves. Our sites very from flat and rolling farm land, river (creek) bottoms, CRP lands, powers lines, thick clear cut forest, and mature oak 

Some sites have food plots and bait stations, while others are as nature and farmers provide.

We do not over hunt our sites. We have one group in camp a week. This allows lands to be rotated with low pressure.

We have meat poles to hang your harvest, walk in cooler to keep it chilled, and a freezer to store any processed game.

All whitetail hunts are semi-guided: “we will help you with anything we can to have a great hunt”.

We support youth hunting (15 and younger). We believe that youth hunting not only allows you special one on one time with your child, but that it also provides you the platform  to pass on valuable skills of hunting that will last your child a lifetime, while making memories and stories that can be shared for years to come. Please contact us for more details.

We book hunts for Spring Gobbler Season only, but you may take a bird in the fall season at no extra charge if booked for Whitetail Deer, providing you have a Fall Turkey Tag.

If you harvest a coyote during your hunt, we will have the pelt tanned if client request so. 

Do you have a special needs request? Please contact us and we will try to accommodate you and make your hunt one to remember.


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