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Tener Taxidermy and Tannery

European Mount Specialist

Phone: 740-304-9815
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Taxidermy Gallery

Here at Tener Taxidermy and Tannery we pride ourselves in making your display a work of art!

- We create each mount one at a time with every attention to detail. We clean our skulls with our Chemical process (NON BOIL), approximately 5 week process, so that the skull is cleaned and all greases are removed.

- We offer skull whitening, hydro dipping or metallic finishes to our clients based on their needs and wants.

- We treat antlers with color touch up process as well as a wax finish, to bring out shine, unless requested not to by clients. *We strongly recommend this to help make displays more appealing to the eye.

- We work with 3 top plaque craftsmen from across the country to provide the best selection of high quality plaques for your mount. Personalizing can be done on limited plaques.

- We can create personally designed habitat bases for your mount and will be priced according to customers wants and needs. 

- We also provide fleshing and tanning services of small mammal pelts as a service here at Tenner Taxidermy. We are not currently taking deer pelts at this time.

*We except Cash, Check and major Credit Cards at this time. CC payments will pay an additional 5% service fee at time of payment.

* A 50% deposit is required at time of drop off and agreement of service is made.

* No pelt or skull will be received unless proper ODNR tags/lic./confirmation number is shown at time of drop off if required.  
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