Here you will find all of our most frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions 
not addressed here, feel free to contact us at (937)-588-3481.

Q: I'm coming in from out of state. How can I purchase an Ohio Hunting License?
A: Non-Resident Licenses and Permits can be purchased on-line. or at local stores.

For a list of regulations, costs for individual permits or to purchase your permits, please visit the below link.
ODNR Hunting Regulations

Q: Does the lodging that will be staying in have a gas grill, stove, pots & pans, 
coffee pot, plates and such?

A: Yes, Our lodging will have what you need.

Q: What do we need to bring for where we are lodging?
A: Bedrolls, towels, linen & such. Local full-service hotels are also available.

Q: Do you provide meals?
A: No. You may cook at your place of lodging or eat out locally.  

Q: Should we or may we bring our own stands/blinds?
A: Yes, We do not furnish stands or blinds on our lands. This will give you more mobility to set up on current deer activity.

Q: What else can I shoot during deer season?
A: During part of bow season, you can take a turkey IF you have Fall Turkey Tag, wild 
boar & coyote.

Q: What is your harvest to hunter ratio?
A: This is a very common question. The best way I know to answer it is to ask you to 
contact someone on our reference page. We have high percentage of repeat customers, 
some for 13 years straight. Word of mouth is a tool we like to use. Some of our hunters 
pass up deer that you might take in a heart beat.

Q: How much land do you have to hunt and how many hunters are on that land?
A: We add hunting land as we need to, we now control around 3000 acres of prime deer 
& turkey habitat. We lease hunting sites from 100 to 300 acres farms and forest. This 
allows us to not over pressure our hunting sites. We do not put anyone from any other 
group on a site that you are hunting. We also try to let a site be unhunted between hunting 

Q: How do you decide what sites are to be hunted?
A: We scout the sites for deer/turkey sign & physical condition of our customers. It is our 
job and our #1 goal to put you on the site where you can be successful.


Q: Can we use screw in steps?
A: On some sites you can & others you can’t. “Ask first”

Q: Is there a size restriction?

A: YES! We have a 13" inside spread restriction. Any buck harvested less than 13" will have to pay a fee of $100.00 per inch short. This protects our younger bucks and provides trophies for years to come.

Q: Is there a trophy fee?

A: 100% NO! Why should we charge you more to take a trophy of a lifetime.